Need help with Apple Maps

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all,

I'm trying to use maps to get turn by turn directions. The problem that I have is I can't figure out in which direction I have to begin to walk once I start the route. For example, I want to go somewhere where I have not been before, i get maps going with my current location, put in where I want to go, choose pedestrian and so forth. Once I tap on start how do I know in which direction my planned route begins? In list view, it says walk down road then turn left or right, but which direction do I begin to walk, because there aren't any directional leads like east or west. Maybe I'm just being stupid but I right now I'm riddled. I'm running an iPhone 6s with ios 9.3 in German. Any help or tutorial on maps are appreciated. Please please help.
Thank you,



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