need an app for trimming audio files

iOS & iPadOS
Hi. I am looking for an app that can trim the start and end of audio files. Hokusai is good for short files, but I have some long audio files to trim and because Hokusai converts files to .wav before editing them, the long files are too big and make even my iPod 5 which is the newest device and the device with the most ram that I have crash. Is there any accessible apps that trim files in there original format? I tried to trim a 30 minute file in hokusai and it ended up being 400 mb and made my device crash. In its original format it was only about 20 mb. Thank you.



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Saturday, April 12, 2014

I use a Windows-based program called GoldWave. You can trim files manually or automatically, along with many other really useful features. This program is quite JAWS friendly, if that is your screen reder of choice. I don't have any experience for Mac programs. I know this isn't an app specifically used on an iOS device but it's a really good investment. Hope this helps you out.