A neat trick to download/cashe google maps for offline use!

iOS and iPadOS
Hello, I have found a very neat trick all over the internet that will let you to cashe the map that your screen is currently viewing perminently, so you could use google maps and navigate around without using any data while you're on the move. So this is the trick. while you are at home and have wi-fi internet access: you should get a sighted person to zoom out the map to so that the screen covers your city. Alternatively, you can test a thing: hit the my location button so that google maps focuses on your location. turn off voiceover, then double tab and hold your finger, and flick it downwards so you'll be zooming out the map. after you have zoomed out the map so that it shows your intire city, in the search bar, type "ok maps", without quotes. ok maps yeah, this is a new beta feature that google maps rolled, and it was hidden so! after you typed ok maps, it begins to download all the covered map and it's street and addresses. after that, you're good to leave the home without turning on your 3g! note: this method is not tested by me personally, because it's 6 a.m that i've just discovered it and got so excited so i'm posting it in the forum. Tomorrow, i will test it and report back. but the code "ok maps" totally works, as all the sites and blogs let out this news and confirmed it. to clear out google maps cashes: go to Settings > About, Terms & Privacy > Terms & Privacy > Clear application data. my only concern about this is that what if google maps downloads the voice speech actually? so if we use it in this way google maps self voice would be disabled. i'll test it and will get back to you regards, hadi