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I know there has been a lot of talk on here about Navigon USA. I have read a lot of the topics, and read the review of the app in the app store, and wanted to find out a little more before shelling out #29.99 for an app. I am using an iPhone 4s, and I currently use Hopstop to get directions and Sendero GPS when it actually works to find out my nearest cross streets. I wanted to see if anyone has used Sendero GPS and Navigon USA? Does Navigon USA give you step by step walking GPS directions? For example, when I am in my parents car and they are driving using a standard GPS system and they make a wrong turn the GPS device says recalculating route. Does Navigon USA do this walking directions? Anyone know how accurate Navigon USA may be when going to an address for the first time? Thanks so much for any feedback.



Submitted by Carlos Alonso on Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Until recently Navigon was one of - if not the most - accessible full featured GPS apps for IOS. A recent upgrade to version 2.0 drastically changed that, the developer issued a bug fix release but although it improved things a little, the app is still very difficult to use now with VoiceOver - at least on my iPhone 4, I've heard it works better on a 4S, but for me, if I launch the app while in a vehicle or while I'm in motion, it is almost impossible to use as double tapping on items is mostly futile. I've found that if I launch it before I'm in a vehicle or while the vehicle is stationary the app seems to work ok, even after the vehicle starts moving as long as you've entered your destination or gotten to the part of the app you want to be in. . I like a feature under 'Direct Help' in the 'More' tab which updates your current location - it won't speak the location automatically but I can just swipe over the same area and it will read the location. I am contacting the developer again about this, they have previously acknowledged that they have these issues and hope to fix them in an upcoming release but no promises. I would wait before purchasing it.

Submitted by blindgator on Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Thank you so very much for the great feedback. I think that you are right, and that I will wait to purchase it until they get the bug fixes worked out. For now, I guess I will stick with my combination of hopstop and sender GPS and the old fashioned way of asking people what street I am at. Thanks again for the detailed feedback.