Navigon Map Manager

iOS and iPadOS
When I last updated Navigon I either made a mistake or just don't know how to use it because it will not let me get past the map manager. Can anyone tell me what I have done?



Submitted by daz on Wednesday, January 11, 2012

it takes you to the map manager to download the relevant maps. so click on the maps that you want as in double tap, double tap on accept changes then it will download and install them. it does take a while.

Submitted by Eileen on Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I had to select at lest one map to proceed. Mind you, it wasn't at all obvious whether I had selected or unselected the map. I just doubled tapped on a few maps I knew I wanted and proceeded to the next screen. The phone warned me that the app would have to restart before my selecgtions took effect. I'm quite sure I managed this without assistance.

Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hi everyone. as navigon is accessible again in iOs 5.1 i've noticed a bug (or not) in the map manager. there are map updates available. If I double-tap "update" button in the top of the screen nothing happens. but there appears ot be a OK button on the bottom (just after the used and remaining space counter). if I double tap it, it takes me to extras so I can't update the maps. does anyone else have such problem? p.s the OK button appears after double tapping the updates button so it looks like it want's me to confirm - do I really want to update. but it takes me to extreas where I can't update the maps.