Navigation sounds gone!

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all,
i need your help here.
I have recently got An Iphone 6.
While trying to adjust its options, i seem to have done something that while swiping on screen, i hear the sounds but they are very faint. Moreover, the ding sounds that play on launch of apps aren't playing. If i can't find the right options soon enough, i may have to opt for the factory restore... Please help.



Submitted by Toonhead on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sounds like your volume might've been changed. To fix it...
1. Go to settings, then sounds.

2. On the sounds screen, make sure your volume is set to 100 percent. To do this, keep swiping to the right until you hear VoiceOver say, sound volume, followed by a percentage, adjustable. Swipe up and down to adjust the value. Yours is probably really low, so swipe up until you hear 100%. Please note your current Ringtone will play, so you have to listen out for it, the ringtones can be a bit loud at times. If that still doesn't fix the problem, try turning the phone off and then back on again. Also, make sure your mute button isn't on. It's on the left side of the iPhone 6 near the top, and it should be in the up position. You'll know if it's right because if the iPhone is muted and you change the switch, the iPhone will either say muted, or unmuted. I hope this helps.