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Hi All, has anyone come across a bug when using the maps app. Basically, when you enter a destination you get a number of route options. So you get the quickest route then a couple of alternative routes for driving. The issue is you can click on the route to get detailed directions. However, I can only check the original route out. If I try and look at any alternative routes the directions are the ones from the first route. There doesn't seem to be a way of checking directions for any alternatives. Just checking if this was me or an issue for Apple to be made aware of. It is frustrating.



Submitted by LaBoheme on Tuesday, July 4, 2017

which route you choose is determined by the route selector icons, not the route descriptions provided by vo.
example, you might get the following routes:

9 minutes, 14.1 miles, lake shore drive, fastest route

14 minutes, 13.2 miles, broadway, alternate route

21 minutes,15 miles, clark street, alternate route

if you tap broadway or the go icon to the right thinking you are choosing the shortest route, you'll be disappointed, because you'll be using the lake shore drive route instead.

in this case, you can find three icons on the screen:

9 minutes, active route (which is most likely selected)
14 minutes, alternate route
21 minutes, alternate route

in this case you would tap 14 minutes, alternate route, and the icon would become active route, and you would be using the shortest route.

this is crappy i know, maybe you would want to talk to apple about it.