The mystery Of The Disappearing Dock

iOS & iPadOS

Hi folks. I finally made the leap into the iPad world when the new iPad air came out last November and I've got to say I love it. I couldn't justify the stereo+sound on the iPad Pro so the iPad air came and saved me. However, I'm experiencing a bit of a strange issue and, I could be wrong, but I think it's only started happening since iPad OS 14.3. My dock keeps disappearing. It seems to happen when I change the orientation of the iPad air from portrait to landscape but even when I turn it back after it has disappeared, it doesn't seem to come back. I have no idea why it disappears or how indeed to get it back. It just comes back on its own when it feels like it. I've had someone sighted look too to make sure I wasn't simply missing it and they have confirmed that it does just disappear. Has anyone else experience this? If so, is it a bug? if not, how do I stop it from happening or indeed bring it back when it does disappear? Thanks.