My Top IOS Apps for School

iOS and iPadOS

With Summer coming to an end and Fall just around the corner, many college students are gearing up for a new year of academic challenges and exciting learning experiences. We have all been hearing about some of the great new apps like KNFB Mobile to be released this Fall and we are holding our breath in hopeful anticipation for iOS 8 to come out. But, let's talk about some of the current apps that may be helpful in your upcoming classes and study sessions. I am a student myself, and these are the apps I find most helpful. Please recommend other helpful apps in the comments section below.
1. Voice Dream Reader
This is one of my favorite apps for reading textbooks and other school related files! I especially love the highlight/annotate feature. This allows me to select text, book mark it, write a note or summary, then be able to view all of my bookmarks/annotations in a list for later review or study. The two biggest drawbacks to Voice Dream Reader are limited in text navigation; i.e., you can't use rotor settings to navigate by heading. And, despite what I've read online, I still can not read the text of a file on a Braille display in Voice Dream. Those two issues aside, this is my favorite app.
2. Bard Mobile
This app is great for finding, downloading and reading BARD content. Unfortunately, many textbooks are not available on BARD.
3. Read2Go
Love this app! I can get access to many of my textbooks, can use a Braille display for reading, and the interface is very simple and uncluttered. Unfortunately, this app lacks the polish and shine of navigating and reading with Voice Dream, but it is reliable with Braille.
4. Flash Cards Plus Plus
This is an amazing app for creating your own flash cards and studying them anytime, anywhere. Creating a collection of custom flash cards can be a bit tedious, but it's definitely better than writing or brailing on those traditional 3x5 cards.
5. IA Writer
Voice Over and Braille display accessible. This is a good app for taking notes in class.
6. Drop Box
Love it! DropBox is accessible with VoiceOver, has file integration with several common apps, makes group projects a breeze, and allows for easy file syncing between devices and computers. Also, you can favorite certain files on your device for off-line reading.
7. Drive
An accessible alternative to DropBox that gives you more default free storage space.
8. Hi Future Self
If you sometimes procrastinate working on your assignments or need help remembering to check your syllabus for important due dates, this app is a must. You can set text message reminders to be sent to yourself at pre-designated times, prompting yourself to get back to work.
9. Dictionary
Do you come across unfamiliar words while reading your textbooks? Look them up quickly and easily using the Dictionary app.
10. Calendar
When you receive your class syllabus, use this native iOS app to schedule all of your important due dates and even set calendar reminders to keep yourself on-track.
11. Safari
Use this native iOS app to help you with research. Browse articles and bookmark them for future reference. Also, save frequently visited sites to your device home screen. And, if you are fortunate enough to get a textbook in html format, you can use Safari for easy reading and navigation of your book.
Again, these are only the apps I currently use for school. There are many more apps out there and I'd love to hear what others find useful.