My smart cooker app says it has to be updated by the developer, what can I do?

iOS & iPadOS

I need to run my smart cooker using my iPhone and since the update I can’t use it anymore because the app says it needs to be updated by the developer. If you know what caused this, please please please please please fix it!!! I need this fixed desperately and ASAP this



Submitted by Chris Hill on Monday, June 28, 2021

They stopped supporting the old bluetooth instant pot, and they aren't going to bother updating the app. If you have an older device using an older version of ios that has the app on it, you can use that, otherwise, you'll have to buy one of the new wi-fi instant pots, or maybe something from a different vendor who will continue supporting older devices.

I am fortunate that my old iPhone has the app on it. I'll never buy another one of their products if I can avoid it. fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

Submitted by mendi on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

I also ran into this issue. So, I bought the WIFI model, after having heard good things about it and/or after enjoying my bluetooth model so much. Unfortunately, the WIFI experience has not been as good. In fact, they told me they are, "Aware of the issue, but have to fix it." That was... I lost track of how long ago. Mind you, the issue is my app cannot connect to the instant pot and/or I cannot get it on my WIFI network. I also am not pleased and wish I could find another pressure cooker that was easy to use. The instant pot smart was nice while it worked.

Yes, the Bluetooth model is inoperable via app unless you have an old iOS device with something less than iOS 14.5 on it and don't update it. I don't' have one either.
The Wi-Fi model is also annoying, very difficult to get to connect to Wi-Fi. Note that you must have a 2.4GHz network. If you have a modern router that broadcasts in dual 2.4- and 5-GHz it seems to be impossible. I ended up using a router for it that I could isolate a 2.4-GHz only network. And even then I then had to use an iPad to connect the Instant Pot as on iPhone with cellular, etc., it just couldn't get over being confused. Once I got it connected, then I could load the app on iPhone also. That said, while I have not put it through all its paces, it seems to me there is less control with the new app than the old one. I think the best bet, although not great, is to connect to Alexa and skip the iOS app past this point.
I'd love to find a different brand/model that is operable and accessible, but as per usual accessibility is not a priority for most. For example, I downloaded the Chef IQ app, it seems kind of accessible, and kind of not. But without purchasing an actual machine, I cannot open the cooking controls screen. And I don't really feel like investing another couple hundred to experiment right now.

Yep, I am having the same issue, because I have a modern router. However, I have the technical know how to split it into two networks, and I figured I'd connect it to the 2.4 network to get it online and then merge the two again. I had to do this once with another device. However, even separating the two networks didn't help. I am willing to use Alexa or even google with it, but I can't even get it to connect. It's definitely more than a little frustrating.