My I-phone doesn't speak Nepali

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Hello! I am madhusudan I am the new user of I-phone, recently I had bought I-phone 8 I am shifted to I-phone from an android phone. I like the I-phone due to its best accessibility feature for the blind.
Now let me proceed to my small problem, Actually when I was using Android phone their was no any problem in terms of Nepali text to speech. My native language is Nepali and for using with screen reading app I use to make Nepali text to speech as secondary language, there are some tts which reads Nepali like Google text to speech, there is nepali language included in google tts. There is also free and open source synthesizer in Android as well as in windows operating system named E-speak But now In my I-phone I am facing few problems while using voiceover specially with nepali text. When ever nepali
Language is detected voiceover use hindi voice for reading Nepali. In fact, most of the nepali people are using hindi voice for reading Nepali language, I have to say honestly, the hindi voice doesn’t read nicely, it’s sounds so crappy while reading and inaccurate too. I’ve must say hindi language is different from Nepali. ?
So is their any possibility of adding Nepali voice in voiceover?
Please Help me, if IOS could add nepali then it would be more better to use voiceover.



Submitted by Apple Khmer on Thursday, February 20, 2020

iOS only uses voices from Vocalizer. Vocalizer does not have Nepali. The only choices you have are to either put up with the Hindi voice or switch back to Android.

Submitted by roman on Thursday, February 20, 2020

Hello. My native language is gujarati. how ever, my I phone can not read that language ither. I think we can request newonce to make the text to speach.

Submitted by Madhusudan on Friday, February 21, 2020

Then, we could request them for the voice..... how it can be done?
do you know the contact of newunce ?