my favorite iOS 8 features

iOS & iPadOS

Hello everyone,
well, as you know, iOS 8 public release is just around the corner, and I came to share my favorite features. first off, the ability to send audio message via the "tap to talk" feature is amazing! however, let's be clear that whatsapp messenger has the same feature, however, it does not have the "raes to talk" feature just like iMessage does, however, you can raes the phone to your ear and hear the message with no problem. overall, I'm totally going to love this feature as soon as I get iOS 8 into my hands. and one more feature I will totally love is the siri voice activation feature. so, for example, I will be able to charge up my phone/tabkit, and say, "hey siri," and it'll instently turn itself on automatically. those are my favorite features I will be playing with once I get iOS 8 this Wednesday. hang on, we are almost their!