is MusicDock still accessible?

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I was reading about an app called MusicDock on this site earlier today, an app that receives Sirius/xm satellite content, the info I was reading though seemed to be a few years old so I'm wondering if this app is still accessible? I have an xm membership but it's for listening to it through a receiver and not online so I can't check the app out myself. I also don't want to call and get an online membership through Sirius/xm only to find out later on that the app is no longer accessible.



Submitted by chad on Sunday, February 21, 2016

hi i have a siriusxm subscription but when trying to login it don't work they have not updated the app last time it said it was updated was 2011
have you tried the siriusxm app its accessible if not radium

In the list of apps it says the Sirius/xm app isn't accessible so that's why I asked about MusicDock, so you're saying that Sirius-xm has made their app accessible now?

Submitted by chad on Sunday, February 21, 2016

yes its accessible if you don't want to use that get radium it supports siriusxm and radium is fully accessible