music won't play on IPod touch 5 g

iOS and iPadOS

I purchased an IPod touch 5g to use as a secondary apple device running ios8.4. The issue I have is that I can't get music to play on it in the music app. What happens is I will doubletap on play and it will sit there for a few seconds and then it will either return me back to the music app or pause will go back to play. When I ask Siri to play a song I get this response: hmmmm I seem to be having trouble playing that song, either you are not connected to wy fy or you have cellular data turned off. My wy fy seems to be working on other stuff so I don't think that's it.
I've tried the following:
-rebooted the phone holding both power and home
-reset network settings
-deleted and setup as new IPhone
It still does the same thing. Any ideas? thanks.