Music Memos app

iOS and iPadOS

A few years back, Apple released what seemed like a very promising tool for quickly recording music ideas, the Music Memos app. Unfortunately it was riddled with accessibility issues and more frustrating to use than fun. I recently saw they released an update to it so I downloaded the update and had high hopes maybe the VoiceOver issues were addressed, but unfortunately things were as rough as before. I wrote Apple Accessibility yesterday and got a reply today that they would forward my message to the appropriate team for review.
I know this isn't probably one of the more popular or well-known apps, but for those of us who are blind and like to record music, truly accessible recording tools are so few and far between that it would really be nice to have Music Memos working correctly. Fingers crossed it gets addressed.

On a side note, I saw they finally released a GarageBand for iOS update. I may give that a try, but I don't have much confidence they'll have addressed any of the many accessibility pitfalls of that program, either.


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