Music Composing/generator apps?

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all,

Lately I've been on the hunt for either music games or music apps that are not necessarily completely accessible with VoiceOver, but doable enough to use with VoiceOver.

Every app I have tried, from Smule's Piano app, to Pacemaker, to Figure, all of these apps are unusable in some form. In the case of Smule apps, the Piano and Guitar apps are inaccessible in the parts that matter. Pacemaker is just unusable period.

Figure is also the same way.

I'd love to find an accessible mixing/music creation app that has the community behind it, like Smile or Figure.

Anybody have any suggestions? Is there an app like this out there that we can actually use successfully? I know there was an in-depth music generation app that was reviewed on the podcast a while ago, but it seems limited to ambient compositions.