"Mr Brown can moo" accessibility difficulty

iOS and iPadOS
Hello, I bought the app "Mr Brown can moo !" because it's said by Eileen to be "fully accessible with voiceover". (here : http://www.applevis.com/ios-app-directory/books/mr-brown-can-moo-can-you-dr-seuss). All the elements of the first page of this child book look well labelled but i can't turn the page and go to page two. The swipe mouvement just seems ineffective when voiceover is ON. If anyone can help me about this i would really apreciate. Regards, Luc



Submitted by Eileen on Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Double tap and hold for a second before swiping Auto read and read it myself work best with VO. Read it to me works best with VO turned off.

Correction, read to me works fine with VO. It is necessary to wait until the audio stops paying before using the double tap and hold, wait for the bubble noise, then swipe. All of the Ocean house media interactive books that I have bought work like this. Sadly the braille only displays one word at a time because the words are presented as buttons on the screen. Tapping the routing key above the word speaks the word. I'm not sure why Acple decided to display only one button per line on a 40 cell braille display.