Moving apps In IOS13

iOS & iPadOS

. I am really struggling to move items around on my iPhones home screen, especially when it comes to moving them between pages or folders. have they really taken away that awesome move feature that they introduced in iOS 12? Or is it just hidden somewhere I don’t know? Any tips for moving items greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Submitted by Lee on Monday, December 9, 2019

Hi Kerry,
No nothing has changed as far as I know. What issues are you having. To move apps I first swipe down til I hear edit mode. Then after a double tap swipe down on the app you want to move until you hear drag. Then double tap again. after that you navigate as normal until you get to where you want the app to go then swipe down again until you hear the option you want. To swap pages just do a normal 3 finger swipe etc. Hope this helps.