more voices for iPhone?

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hello i wanted to know that is there a way to change voiceover's difault voice to something else? does iPhone have more voices to use? or, if not, where can i purchace voices i don't like the difault one :( thanks for any help~



Submitted by Ivan Cardenas on Friday, November 23, 2012

As the subject states, this might not be what your looking for but you could set up different languages in the language router like UK or Australia.

Unfortunately when it comes to the iPhone, Apple is a what you see is what you get type of company. I highly doubt there will be any new voices for Voiceover in the near future, or maybe even at all.

Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Friday, November 23, 2012

sorry apple iPhone has no way to change voices you can change language by the language rotor, but not voices there are no built-in or external extra voices I found many apps using extra-voices, such as blindsquare or thesocialradio which use acapela, but, those voices are inside the apps, not in the system. so, the system may just use nuance's. I answered you as I have been searching for voices for long time, because for example an extra-voice can be useful for example an app can talk with a voice, another with the other, notifications can have another high-pitched or low-pitched, and so on voiceover is a great software but I think it has still some features to improve

Hi! Even though it's not possible to add extra voices to VoiceOver, other than the ones built into it, one advantage for English-speaking VO users is that there are several English voices to choose from. You can either change your default language in Settings, as I did to use my iPhone in English instead of French, or you can add languages to your language rotor as someone else has suggested. US English, British English, Irish English, Australian English and South African English are all separate languages in VoiceOver on i-devices. I should point out one thing, though: if you want a non-compact voice, that'll only work with your default language, whatever that happens to be, but if you're happy with compact voices, then you can just switch languages in your rotor, or use the Choose Compact Voice option in Settings.

thanks for replying all! well, too bad... i'm not a native english speaker, it's hard to understand voice over, specially when you are reading a news or playing interactive stories.... again, thanks all. i wanted to just make sure :)

If English is not your native language, voiceover might have the language you prefer. It contains well over 10 languages That you can choose from, thus I, too,Would suggest navigating to the settings and to the language router So that you could see the languages that exist. This can be done by double-tapping on settings, general, Accessibility, and voiceover. At that point, you will Notice the language router in the list of available options. Good luck.