Month Calendar updated - accessibility improvements

iOS and iPadOS

Hi AppleVis,

About a month and a half ago we posted about our calendar app, Month Calendar.
We got some amazing feedback.

And two of the requests have made their way into our new update released last week. We have added information about moon phases and week number to the VoiceOver. Week number is just read on the first day of the week.
You can control whether to get it in the Month Calendar settings in the 'Sun and Moon' and 'Appearance' sections.

The new update also adds even better support for Dynamic Type on iOS 8, we are committed to bringing this to all our screens. And support for those nice new iPhones :-)

If you have not tried out Month Calendar, please give it a try.
We have a limited supply of promo codes, please reach out to us directly by email, and we will share as many as we can.
We hope you will leave us feedback, here on this post, or directly to us at

Best regards,

Svend Stagis
Co-Founder & Developer

Month Calendar 2 is available for download in the App Store. It requires iOS 7.0 or later.
It is available for both iPhone and iPad as a universal app.
Month Calendar is available in 16 different languages.



Submitted by Andrew on Friday, October 31, 2014

Hello Month Cal. I love your application; it is very accessible. AWhile back I inquired about the difference in the invitees section between the stock IOS calendar and your calendar. I do not always want to "type in" a search box to find the individual I am interested in adding to my calendar event. In the stock calendar application, within the invitees screen, the IOS calander has a"plus button" (Voice Over calls it a "add contacts" button) which allows one to choose from there contacts list. You do not have this feature within your application. Might you consider this in a future update? Also, it would really be nice to be able to see the time of each event on the calander view. For Example, I have subscribed to the extra calanders feature within your application. I have all of the green bay packers games on every sunday listed within the calender view, however it just states, green bay at Chicago. That is all; it would be nice if you could see the time that the event is scheduled to occur like, Green bay, at Chicago 10am pst for instance. This could also be done for events I schedule. Just two suggestions that I think would be nice to add, but love the application none the less. Thank you. -Andrew-

Submitted by Month Calendar on Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hi Andrew,

I just tested what you mentioned above and for me I get the exact same behaviour in the stock iOS calendar and Month Calendar. Are you on iOS8?
When adding a new event, scroll further down to the 'Invitees', tap that. Now the keyboard appears and you can start typing to search. Or press the + sign just below the 'Done' to launch into a Contacts browser.
Are you not getting the same, or am I not understanding what you mean.

Also getting the time in the month view, you can do that in the settings. Have a look in Month Caendar settings (icon on top left in nav bar) / Go to Appearance / Here you have the 'Time in Month View' setting, select 'hour and minute' to get what you want.

Thank you for your feedback.

Very best