Mirror One IOS screen to another IOS Device

iOS and iPadOS

Hello. I was wondering if anyone knew of an app or other method to mirror one IOS screen to another IOS device directly, like an iPad to an iPad. The reason for this is for a low vision teacher to more easily be able to work with their students. The students would be working on their iPad, but the teacher isn't able to see well enough to read the screen over the student's shoulder. Being able to mirror the student's screen to another iPad would let the teacher use their own screen close-up to follow along with the student.

I used to do something similar with ZoomText's dual monitor mirroring feature. I wasn't easily able to read the student's screen, but having my own monitor helped significantly.

There used to be an app called AirFrame, that doesn't seem to be on the app store any more. Squirrels, the maker of the Reflector app for Mac and PC's, also used to have an app called Slingshot, that also got discontinued last year.

Does anyone have an idea or app recommendation that would allow this? An alternative would be for the teacher to use a Pc or Mac, and have the student mirror their screen to the computer via Reflector.


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