Mcalisters Deli app

iOS & iPadOS

if you want to order food with McAlester's Deli, I would advise you not to do this. You can log in to the app, but once their, it is next to impossible with voiceover to order food, or add items to your bag. I am very frustrated by this due to the fact, I love Mcalisters food, and would love to order it with in the app and pay for it, and pick it up.



Submitted by mendi on Monday, September 18, 2017

Panera's app is much of the same. While I'm at it, Taco Bell's app is terrible too. And then there's DoorDash, delivery for a bunch of restaurants, and although their app is pretty accessible, the ratings system is not at all. And yes, I tried to reach out to the developers before anyone asks, and it was clear they had no idea about VO and it appeared they weren't moving too quick to figure it out either.

Submitted by Pyro2790 on Monday, September 18, 2017

If you can find contact info on the developer reach out to them and let them know the issues you are having with VoiceOver using their app. AS Mendi pointed out they are not usually aware of accessibility issues or are slow to implement them. I did report some of the accessibility features out to the DoorDash team. They finally have the star rating labeled 1Star to 5Star which is still not fantastic, but it is a step up from being completely inaccessible. That is where we would say most buttons are clearly usable with VoiceOver. The other thing with the legality of making these apps accessible, is that they will point to another way you can order the food in an accessible manner and state that is a way that they are providing accessibility to you. This happened to be the outcome of the case when someone sued Dominos claiming their app to order pizza was not accessible. They said someone that cannot use the app can still call on the phone to place an order. This is frustrating and not what we want to hear when we would like all apps to be accessible and usable with VoiceOver. Unfortunately, it will take more litigation in the courts, or companies that want to do the right thing to make apps more accessible. Unfortunately in the private sector there is no Section 508 laws governing universal accessibility standards for mobile applications.