Mail & Text Message Sounds Gone When Using Siri to Send Them

iOS and iPadOS
In IOS5.1.1 when I sent a email or text message using Siri I would hear the "swoosh" or "swish" sound after telling Siri to send the message. After upgrading to IOS6 those sounds don't seem to happen any more. Has anyone else noticed this issue? I'm wondering if this is a "bug" or it was removed purposely from IOS6. Regardless, I think it's important to get those sounds back when using Siri. I for one like hearing the sound & knowing that Siri actually sent the message. Note: the sounds seem to still work if I dictate or type an email or text message & then hit the "send" button. Note: I have checked "settings" to see if there is something to turn on in "sounds", "Siri" , "email", etc. Aside from finding the normal "sent email sound" (which I have activated) I haven't found anything else. Please help me to get Apple to resolve this issue. Send a message to Apple's feedback area informing them of the issue. Hopefully if enough of us report the problem, they will address the issue. Thanks.



Submitted by Dave Nason on Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Hi. I have checked and can confirm I'm not getting sounds either. It is not related to VoiceOver as I tried it with VoiceOver turned off and it didn't produce a sound either. I would like sounds too, I assume it's a bug rather than a feature.