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Are there any accessible apps for store loyalty card?



Submitted by Esther on Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When information on this app was first posted on the viphone list 3 years ago, it covered merchants in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia. I don't know whether present coverage has expanded. It's mostly used in the U.S. and Canada, I think. Add your entries as "Add Plastic Card". If you don't find your merchant listed when you search, choose "Other". There's a table index along the right side of the "Add Card" screen if you want to navigate the letter headings faster.

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Submitted by ratqueen on Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I have a "non-recommendation " for you. I had a frustrating experience with KeyRing. The app is not accessible with VoiceOver . In addition, I had sighted assistance who also had difficulty loading any of my cards to the app. The one that did get loaded then didn't work at the grocery store.

My reading of reviews of CardStar and KeyRing, the two loyalty card apps that are currently top rated by AppAdvice, is that most people who use KeyRing add card information by taking pictures of the front and back of the card using the iPhone camera. In contrast, the usual way to add card information to the CardStar app is either to type in the number on the loyalty card, or to try holding the iPhone camera over parts of the card where a barcode may be present until the scanning program part of the CardStar app registers the barcode number. It seems to me that CardStar's method would inherently be more accessible, since there is no obvious way for someone without vision to exactly center a photograph of the card and its barcode using the iPhone camera. I thought the KeyRing app also had an option to type in the number of a card, since a number of card types, such as those for airline frequent flyer programs, do not have barcodes, but use magnetic strips. I'd be interested if you can try CardStar and give a comparison of your experience with KeyRing.

Submitted by ratqueen on Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I decided to take on Esther's challenge. I installed CardStar and from an accessibility standpoint, it was overwhelmingly easier to use. With KeyRing, the welcome screen was inaccessible to VO. I had to turn VO off and tap around to find a button to make it go away. There is a tutorial on adding cards which is also inaccessible. The main menu screen does work with VO, which is why I used sighted assistance, but even that person had difficulty getting my cards scanned in. So when I went to the store and the scanner failed to read the card, I deleted the app. With CardStar, I was able to load 6 out of 7 cards myself using the scanner. I found all buttons labelled for VO. The interface is easy to use and if you allow the app to access your location, it will include a store locator and local deals. There is also a button to launch the retailor's website in safari and one to call the national toll free number. For clarification, both apps serve the same functions. Both allow you to use the camera to scan in the card or allow you to enter a number manually for cards that won't scan or cards without a barcode. I believe Esther is correct and KeyRing will also store photographs of the cards. Now, I haven't been to any stores yet. CardStar did indicate that the app does not work with belt or flatbed scanners. These are the most common type found at grocery stores and self checkouts. Also any card entered manually is just a membership number that will need to be entered manually also at checkout by either the customer or cashier. Given these caveats, I 'm not sure how muchI I would use this app. I'd rather hand over my key chain o' cards then my phone. Nonetheless I'm glad CardStar is accessible with VO and I would recommend it if this type of app interests you.