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Maybe I just shouldn't post so late at night, but I've had some ideas floating about in my wee brain for days, and I'd like some feedback. First of all, I'd like to know if there is a way to program for the IPhone on the PC. I've heard about compilers for basic, but haven't been able to varify. Any thoughts? Second, if you do program, could you contact me off list? That would be awesome. (I think my e mail is public info.) Third, I'm considering starting an app submital contest. whoever submits the most apps would win one division of the contest, and whoever submits the best-liked apps would win the other division. I would be willing to give two copies of my game, Phrase Madness, as prizes for such a contest. Right now, the game only works on windows and windows mobile, which is why I need to learn to program for iOS. Fourth, it has come to my attention that many games by Zynga are just about accessible. I've looked at their poker game, Words with Friends and others--and, of course, I play Hanging quite often. The buttons are recognizable by Voiceover--that is, you can use VO to see that a button is there and to press it. they just need to be labeled, and that shouldn't take much effort on the part of Zynga. How many social-based games we could play then! Yes, I know people have contacted them before, but if we make it our new campaign, and flood their EMail boxes with positively phrased requests, I think they might be amenable. (By the way, if you want a product to become accessible, just find a way to make sighted people want the feature. Think how good voice synthesis has become since the sighted community learned how practical it is.) Fifth, and, (perhaps,) finally, I would like a way for us to be able to share Voiceover labels. I have an app I love called Monolith loops, and it's totally accessible once you label the buttons. How would it be if only one person had to do the work and could share it with the world? Everyone could benefit every time someone labeled buttons on a new app!



Submitted by Santiago on Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello, I to, want to start programming for iOS. The thing is, any accessible way to do it? I have xCode, but I heard its not very accessible. Then again, those could be just rumors.

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