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Hi all. It's Monty from california. Haven't been on the site here much, however I wanted to make folks aware of some rather frustrating bugs that have me concerned in iOS 6 GM build, but not sure if I can discuss them on this site. Normally if this were a beta, I'd wouldn't be so concerned, but as GM is likely to be the final release build, I want to make folks aware. Can I do that here, or should I wait until release day when no doubt the entire site will be noticing these bugs? I'm so tempted to describe some of them in this post, that's how concerned I am, but I'll hold off if that's what this site wishes. Thanks, Monty



Submitted by AppleVis on Monday, September 17, 2012

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Please refrain from posting about specific problems in iOS 6 until after the final version is released to the public on Wednesday.

Posting about any problems before then would be a violation of the Non Disclosure Agreement that you are subject to. It is also possible that problems you are seeing in the Gold Master release will be fixed in the public release.

We ourselves made an exception by posting about the possible problem with the App Store. This was done after much consideration and only because we felt that it was a significant problem that people should be aware of before updating.

Once the final version is released, then do please let us know of any problems that you encounter. If previous iOS updates are anything to go by, we can expect some past problems to have been fixed, but also some new ones to be introduced.

Submitted by 780KixxFan on Monday, September 17, 2012

Thanks for another warning. I won't be updating on Wednesday. For some time now I've been fearing that Apple may be veering away from accessibility, given buggy VO performance in all incarnations of iOS 5, and this just may confirm my worst fears. Let's hope we're all wrong and that they break the mold on Wednesday.

Submitted by Paul Martin on Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First, I barely see the consistency here. Dave can post such a detailed description of a bug in IOS6, yet Monty is told no? Aside from that, I'd be with Monty on this one. Though it's possible to roll back to IOS5, even after apple pulls it from their servers, users might miss the window of opportunity after updating to the newly released 6. That being said, I'd submit this question to all here: Would you rather watch a user be afflicted with a buggy phone, or tell them what to watch out for when updating? Maybe it's just my helpful nature, but I'd rather the ladder.

Submitted by David Goodwin👨‍🦯 on Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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The two main differences: Firstly, the problem with the App Store was of a level that it would have significantly impacted upon the overall usability of the iDevice for many VoiceOver users. Secondly, we have never allowed people to post anything to this site which would breach their NDA with Apple. In the case of my post, neither I nor AppleVis have any NDA with Apple.

Submitted by Darrell Hilliker on Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello Everyone, Please don't forget that, after iOS 6 is released and you have successfully installed the update, you are encouraged to email accessibility@apple.com, call their accessibility phone number and use http://bugreport.apple.com as official channels for communicating with Apple about accessibility-related concerns. I think we have just shown that official, professionally-conducted communications with Apple can and do yield positive results.

I think the App Store was fixed in the nick of time, and obviously that's great news for us. I also think that AppleVis were spot on in their judgements over the last couple days. For my money, you'd need to provide something more tangible than a mysterious "we" if you'd like to take credit for instigating this fix being pushed through, given that your previous comment on the topic turned out to be anything but professionally-conducted. Just one humble user's humble opinion of course...

Submitted by patrick kelly on Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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I agree 100% with the previous comment. So, ok, you may have advocated for the fix, but dictaing what Applevis can and connot post when it was clearly discussed by the team was, in my opinion, a poor way of handling it. Advocate, yes, but instead of publicly posting your demand that something be removed, to instead, gasp, email the Applevis team provately. Just my thoughts. As I said, I'm glad it was addressed.

Submitted by pammyj55kc on Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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Hi folks, No matter how it got done, per most recent reports, the accessibility issue with the app store was fixed. One can hope applevis can take some credit, however, to whomever the credit is due, thank you. I think in any situation we have to be professional in our approach to any company if we are asking for & expecting accessibility in a world designed for our sighted counterparts. Kicking & screaming like a bunch of 3 year olds will do nothing but justify an image of immature, helpless, & entitled blind people. In my opinion Applevis made a good decision given ghe information we had. At this point we need to allow it to be released to the masses & contact apple with issues, if any both individually, & as a community. Sites like this, maccessibility, & companies such as serotech can go a long ways to help advocate for accessibility in every way.

Submitted by Blind I Am on Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Now that iOS 6 is finally here, I'd love to hear what those bugs were?

For me, the most irritating one right now is VoiceOver not reading the ratings of apps in the App Store (either the overall rating or the ones given by each reviewer). It looks like there is a graphic image to show the rating, but VoiceOver isn't recognizing it. Or am I wrong?