Lost phone contacts

iOS & iPadOS

Hello friends,

I encountered an unusual problem today.

While in my contacts, I realized that all my contacts were missing from iCloud.

I tried restoring it from iCloud but with no success.
Does anyone know how I could restore my iCloud contacts?



Submitted by raaj on Saturday, January 9, 2016

I was told that the iCloud will not deleting our contacts entirely for one month even if we are deleting them. But I don't know how to restore it as well. I do want to know the trick for restoring it.


Submitted by Fiona on Monday, January 11, 2016

Firstly, you can log into icloud to see the contacts: On your computer, navigate to https://www.icloud.com/ > Log in with your Apple ID and password > Click on Contacts to view your iCloud contacts.

If the contacts you need are stored in the iCloud, you can restore them to your iPhone:

1. Go to Settings on iPhone, and choose iCloud.
2. Turn Contacts on, and click Merge to merge contacts with iCloud contacts.