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Has anyone put lossless a audio on their iPhone? from what digging I've done (and i'm pretty new at all this), you can do FLAC, but then since its not natively supported, you'd have to get a player that can support FLAC. another option is to use apples lossless audio format, or wav. If you do that then you can use the music player on the iPhone to play the files. so i downgraded from itunes 12.1 to 11.4. I went to prefferences and set the import thing to the lossless format for apple. I have flac files already. now what. do i need to convert them to that format, then somehow upload them to my phone? I guess you'd add the folders to the library on iTunes right? then what? what I dont want is the files to be converted to mp3 or A AAC or any of that. I want them as lossless audio. I have a 128 gig phone, so space is no concern. All the files are properly tagged. I have a lot of various artests collections, and want to be sure that the tagging structure is kept when I do put them on my phone. I also want to be sure that the origonals aren't deleted from my computer or in any way aultered. Thanks for any help you can give, John



Submitted by LaBoheme on Thursday, February 19, 2015

not sure why you had to downgrade to itunes 11, although i hate itunes 12 with a vengeance myself.
itunes does not encode or decode flac, you'll need other program. xld works great:

if you are deep into apple ecosystem like myself, i suggest you convert everything into apple lossless. since it is lossless, you can convert it back to flac or any lossless formats without losing sound quality, so there is no risk.

Submitted by John Holcomb II on Thursday, February 19, 2015

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If I convert to apples lossless audio, then I can import the folders of the lossless content into my library and it'll just sync to my phone in the right place? from there I can access it in the music player? will the tagging info be preserved? and will all of the files not be changed in their arigonal location? I am new, never having done this before.

Submitted by alex wallis on Thursday, February 19, 2015

I don't think there are many around hear who use lossless audio on I devices. I do but unfortunately I can't help, because I keep all my files in flac, I use an app called golden ear to play them. and to actually get the files into golden ear I either use a program on my pc called iexplorer to copy folders to the golden ear app rather than iTunes, or I start the golden ear ftp server and just upload the files to it over my local network. However if you decide to use these methods I am happy to help, personally I would suggest using golden ear might be better as no idea how to copy tag structure across or guarantee you will have unchanged files. Also remember if your converting files you will then have two sets unless you plan to get rid of your flacs. I would say its probably just easier to use golden ear and either upload folders to it through its ftp server or to use iexplorer to get the content into it.

right now, all of my files are in FLAC. Before I do anything, is there an advantage to keeping it in flac and using your app? are there advantages to using apples lossless format and having it in iTunes? bassed on knowing nothing at all, one advantage to using flac and this app is that I wouldn't need to use iTunes to transfer the files. Are apples lossless file size the same size as FLAC? are there any other considerations with these two messids that I dont know about? I know in the end it is up to me, but want to make sure I know all of the pros and cons of each way before I tackel this. one advantage that I see of flac is a. my files are already in flac and b. its all tagged , so there is that. yes, I'm sure not many do this. Thanks guys.

Submitted by John Holcomb II on Thursday, February 19, 2015

yep, i like your idea best, as the tags are all there and I wouldn't have two copies of the the files. i got to wait for the files to download from crash plan first. i dont want two copies of the files and i do want the tags.

Submitted by alex wallis on Thursday, February 19, 2015

one thing to bear in mind with syncing stuff through iTunes is the more stuff you have on your device the longer syncing takes the more stuff you have, also the longer backups take as well.
as your phone is backed up whenever you go to sync, with golden ear you can disable iTunes backing up so it will speed your backup and sync ttimes, of course this does rely on you doing your own backups of files but its what I choose to do.
You could use iTunes to import flac files to golden ear but the problem with iTunes is you can't import actual folders, iTunes can dump files on the device, but with my methods you can keep the folder structure intact, it might be worth you having a look at golden ears feature list so you can work out if it meets your playback needs, it offers several ways of browsing your music.
The developer is extremely friendly and helpful and has put a lot of work into making sure his app remains fully accessible with VoiceOver and is good at answering questions and listening to suggestions I was able to work with him very closely on the last big update to ensure the app was totally VoiceOver accessible.
One thing to bear in mind with golden ear is it is a flac player it doesn't have any fancy effects like eq or treble or other artificial things you might want to enhance your music with.
I can't comment at all on the music app because I don't use it at all as I keep all my stuff in flac or mp3.
golden ear does support several different lossless and lossy formats.
One nice thing about golden ear over other flac players is the gapless playback really works I have scene loads of app which claim gapless playback which just doesn't work I can notice even slight gaps.
Regarding file size that depends on the stuff being encoded in the files and the compression level used when creating the files, a good place if your interested in comparing format differences is the hydrogen audio forums
they have loads of stuff about compression formats but to be honest I would say your stuff is already in flac, your happy with it as it is, why create loads of work for yourself buy trying to convert it, thinking its OK then maybe a few months into the process or years down the line after you get rid of your flacs you find out its not how you want.

can I please have a link to look at features? unless its a loud speaker company? that's what i found doing a quick google search. so this golden ear thing is a program that you grab for your PC to upload the files to your phone and it is also an app that you play the files on your phone with? Do I have that correct? this sounds good to me. One thing to do it all.

Submitted by alex wallis on Thursday, February 19, 2015

no sorry the program I use on my pc is called iexplorer and can be grabbed from
to find golden ear have a look in the app directory entry on applevis.
a tip if your looking for an ios app is if your googling for it don't just search for the app name, but search for something like iTunes store followed buy your app name, so iTunes store golden ear.
and it isn't a loud speaker company iexploer and golden ear are made buy totally separate people.

it sounds to me like I could uninstall iTunes and never use it again if I get iExplorer. is that correct? if so, my 2006 computer which i'm typing this on will run faster without iTunes services and stuff running.

Submitted by alex wallis on Friday, February 20, 2015

I would say you should keep iTunes around as that's still how you will back your phone up unless of course you use iCloud. but its entirely up to you, if your not sure might be worth emailing macroplant support. They are very helpful, and I have also been working with them closely to improve iexplorer accessibility with jaws. I am sure they would be delighted to hear from another blind user. I still have iTunes on my pc as I refuse to use iCloud.

Hey, so I downloaded IExplorer the c demo version and purchased/installed Golden Ear app on my iPhone. I can navigate to the Golden ear app in the tree, but where do I go to add the flack files and folders exactly? also, If I choose to do it via FTP (which I think would be the easiest way, how can I do this? Or better yet, how could I use windows explorer? I downloaded/installed the thing that lets me mount my iPhone as a drive from Macroplant, now where do I go from here? that's how I really wana do it. just navigate to the drive and app structure in windows explorer and go from there.

Submitted by alex wallis on Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hi, you need to right click the golden ear app in the directory tree and choose the option mount as disk, then it will ask if you automatically want to mount this folder whenever the iphone is connected, its up to you if you say yes or no, once you mount the folder it should then automatically open a window entitled golden ear followed by the drive letter, you then use copy and paste after that to get your folders in there. Alternatively I did find out how to sync folders to apps using iTunes but I still prefer windows explorer as its not easy to monitor how the sync is going with iTunes and also it doesn't play a sound once the sync finishes. alternatively golden ear has an ftp server built in which when you start it would allow you to upload files to it through an ftp client, but I have found the ftp unreliable, this doesn't mean you will though if you choose to use it. Uploading through ftp would be slower than usb though as wifi is slower than usb.

Submitted by John Holcomb II on Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hi, in the trial mode it crashes when running the mount. do I need to purchase IExplorer to put files into the Golden Ear app? also, if I choose to do this from iTunes, how would I do so? .
The only thing I really plan to do is mount the app and put my music with copy and paste, I have no other real use for iTunes or IExplorer for that matter.