LookTell money reader and twitter on the iPad

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Hi, guys, have 2 separate questions and was wondering if yoou could help me pleaseee. Basically, I got the lookTell money reader a few days ago. When I hold a note infronnt of it, it does nothing. Am I supposed to use iit in a specific lighting environment? or was I supposed to do something to set it up. secondly, I was wondering if anyone knos how to do the hash tag sign on twiitter for iPad? I cant get it to work. Thanks. Any advice on either of these would be greaatly accepted. Thanks :)



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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There are two things I can suggest for the Looktel MoneyReader. First, we need to make sure your Notes are supported in the Looktel Recognizer. Here is what they support. "are supported including the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, and Australian Dollar." Second, are you placing your Notes in front of the rear camera? I could be wrong but I don't think it uses the front camera nor is there an option to switch this. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this. HTH

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
I personally use an app called TweetList for my Twitter usage. When you Compose a new Tweet with this app you are provided with the HashTag button for you to use. TweetList Pro - Twitter Client http://www.applevis.com/ios-app-directory/social-networking/tweetlist-pro-twitter-client Otherwise, in the plain Twitter app just use the # along with the tag you want to use. HTH

Submitted by Eyal on Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hi, the iPad does not have an LED torch on it, so it needs ideal lighting conditions to work. Make sure that the lights are on in the room you are in. You can also try laying the iPad camera flat on the bill on a table, then slowly pulling the iPad away in a vertical motion until you get recognition. This is a great method to learn orientation for LookTel Money Reader.