Looktel money reader app doesn’t recognize my currency

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Not sure if this is in the right place. I’ve been trying to use the Look tell money reader app but unfortunately it doesn’t recognize Scottish bank notes and given I Live in Scotland it’s a bit of a problem. I contacted the developers to ask if they could fix it and to be fair to them they did get back to me. However the only thing they could advise was that I send them an image scan of the front and back of every denomination. The problem is there are 3 Scottish banks that have their own version and two of them have two series of bank notes running simultaneously. That means there’s 5 series of Scottish bank notes out there and for me to get hold of them all is just unrealistic. I couldn’t afford it for one thing. I sent them links to a website that had images of the front and backs of eachdenomonation from each bank but I’ve never heard back. Is there anything else someone can suggest I do? It would be nice if the money reader could recognize my currency. Thanks in advance. Lou.



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Lou, I am encouraged that Looktel is trying to help you. That is great. I can only hope that in their next update it will contain your currency. Keep trying in staying in contact with them! At this time I don't know of any currency reader that would read your particular notes. Do you own a copy of the Looktel Recognizer? If so, you could use that to take snap shots of your notes that you handle on a regular basis for now. Just a thought. HTH

Submitted by Lou on Sunday, August 12, 2012

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Hi and thanks for your help I haven’t tried to get hold of them since I sent the picks of the bank notes but I’ll try again and see what they say. Thanks for the tip about that other app. I don’t have it yet but that might be a short term solution. Thanks again for all your help. Lou

Hi Lou I had the same issue few months ago, looktell didn't reclinize the currency in that moment I though some thing wrong to the camera, I did the next process and this worked for me. Deleting and downloading looktell moneyReader again from App store.don't worry you will not pay any cents extra for the apps that already purchase before. #1 I suggest to you select images under voiceOver Settings  because will be faster navegating by images, you will use the voiceOver rotor feature. if you don't have this option selected right here how to do it: settings/ General/ Accessibility/ voiceOver/ rotor/ select images, this item will be helfull in this process. #2 Delete looktel MoneyReader from your device, you can do this step later when you make sure after revew all the process. #3 Open app store on the iPhone #4 Inside of App Store on the bottom you have 5 tabs   Features, Categories, Tops 25, Search, and Updates. select Updates. #5 On the Updates Screen you will have  starting from the top left corner. Updates Heading purchased link and Updates or all your Apps are up to date. select purchased link. #6 On Purchased windows under Purchased heading you have 2 taps; all tap or not in this iPhone tap should be selected all tap, if it isn't select all. your device will be running very slow don't worry it is because you have a big list of apps. okay right here using the voiceOver rotor feature select Images, and start navegating on it. doing flick down to the next image, keep flicking down until reach LookTel MoneyReader link press twice double tap on it, yes I said right twice double tap for some reason doesn't work double tap here,wait for the sound. #7 you are now on Looktel moneyReader info look for the option install if you havent yet deleted the app this option show you up disable, then just fallow the step by apple ID and you will have the app again installed on your iPhone.. #8 Look for the app LookTel on your iPhone, you will find for this app on the last screen on your device, and finally open the Looktel moneyReader and start useing this app Hope this helps.