Looking for podcast player with google cast / chromecast support

iOS & iPadOS

Hi, subject says it all: i am looking for a good, complete podcast player with googlecast /chromecast support; i am using downcast witch unfortunately is not updated anymore; it supports googlecast but doesn't work well with my sony android tv..



Submitted by smhy on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pocket casts. It is both compatible with Chromecast and generally a very good podcast app. There are a couple small accessibility issues, but nothing that you can't work around. If you're having trouble, you can post here again and I can explain something's. Or I may just do an app directory entry, which I have thought of doing for a while. But I have casted from this app several times both to a regular chrome cast into my Google Home.

Hello, many thanks.
Installed pocket casts: it works well with my google cast on my android tv...
It also has beta support for sonos, it is not complete yet but isa great thing!
There are however some accessibility problems in pocket casts:
1) it is not easy to find the player controls while playng an episode, itit is an hit and miss thing...
2) related to 1, in some cases while an episode is playng it is not possible to play another... ther is an add next button but not a play button beside it...

is there a trick to solve these?