looking for an app for reading .txt files

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Hi. I am looking for an app to read .txt files. I have tried apps like UBI Disk, Documents2, and even the dropbox app. They all read the .txt files, but they read the file from top to bottom without stopping and if you mis a part and want to here it again you can not unless you listen to the whole file again. I want to be able to navigate by sentence and if possible, also be able to edit the files. Dropbox support would also be nice but is not a requirement. I am willing to pay for this app. Any ideas? Thank you.



Submitted by Dave Nason on Thursday, April 24, 2014

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hi Jessica. I use an app called Notesy for this. It looks like a basic notes app, but it is actually using .txt files and syncs with Dropbox. If you create a note in the app, you first give it a title. If you then open Dropbox on your computer, you'll find the file, called title.txt in the Notesy folder. The body is then your text file. This works the other way too of course. Create a .txt file in Text Edit or Notepad or whatever, and put it into the Notesy folder in Dropbox, and it'll be in the Notesy app on your iOS device strraight away.
It costs €4.49 where I am.