looking for an app to get recordings off of ootunes

iOS & iPadOS
Hi. I am looking for an app I can get from the app store so I do not need to mess around with computers and iTunes that I can use to get recordings made from ootunes off the device? What I am thinking is maybe an app that can record the sound the iPod is outputting and then email the recording or send it to dropbox. So I would open Ootunes and start playing what I wanted to get out of the app. Then I would open the other app and that other app would record the sound coming from Ootunes and send the recording as an email attachment or to dropbox. Also if you do not know of what I am suggesting, but you know of something even remotely similar, please please let me know. Thank you.



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Saturday, September 28, 2013

If you are on a mac try iExplorer. This is a program to get stuff off of your phone. Also try IBack up extracter as well. Take care