Looking for an app that easily adds cards to your wallet.

iOS & iPadOS

I'm looking for an easy and accessible app that adds loyalty cards' bar codes to the native wallet app. I've tried stocard which is partially accessible and a pas2u wallet app, but I'm looking for an app that scanns a bar code on a loyalty card and can add the card to the wallet so that I can show the code to the clerk in a shop or elsewhere. Assisteyes is not what I want as it is just a notetaker for your codes.
The price no matters to me, simplicity and accessibility is that counts.
Please note that Apple does not supports all cards.

Thanks for your suggestions.



Submitted by jay on Friday, July 20, 2018


I've also run in to this same issue, but I've never heard of any apps that support this feature. However, if you do need assistance adding a card, you can call apple accessibility support and they will do a screen share with you and help you position the card in the frame.

Submitted by Rafal on Friday, July 20, 2018

Hi Jay, thanks for your reply. You know, scanning a card is no problem for me. I can easily add a credit or debit card to my wallet using camera but no sighted assistance. The point is that I need an app that scanns bar codes and automatically adds cards to the native wallet app. the process of adding may not be automatic either but on demand. With pass2u wallet you can go about it but the app is not that easy. Hope you"ve got my point. Thank you anyway. Greetings.

Submitted by Rafal on Friday, July 20, 2018

Pass2u wallet is quite nice, but it is not that simple. I"ve tried stocard but cards appear with their logo etc. and I can"t easily delete thm. Also, stocard does not integrate all cards with the native wallet app. Look forward for any suggestions.