Looking for accessible ways to create and deliver a presentation using iPhone 6 and Voiceover

iOS and iPadOS

I am delivering a presentation later this month and am looking for an accessible app for my iPhone 6 in which to both create and deliver the presentation... I am a Voiceover user.

Ideally, the presentation would need to contain: Photos, short videos, audio and some text. I would also like to be able to pre-load a couple of websites with which I would be able to interact with in the context of the presentation.

I know that powerPoint and Keynote exist but, they do look quite complicated to use... While I think it would be worth getting my head round them in the medium term, I do not have the luxury of a long learning curve at this time.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Paul Hopkins (vipodcasting)



Submitted by Cameron Roles on Sunday, April 5, 2015


I have used MS Powerpoint for iPad to deliver a presentation. Howevr I have not used it to create one. My presentations have also been text based, so not as advanced as what you are wanting to do.

Just a couple of things:

Ms Powerpoint doesn't announce whether bullet points have been used. I think this is a voiceover issue,but I'm not sure.
I personally wouldn't use it to create the presentation - I would create it on a PC and then email it to your i device. Sorry I know this isn't the news you were hoping for.

Finally a couple of gestures which might help -

Once you start the slideshow, a three finger swipe left or right will take you forward or backwards through the slides.

Hope this helps