looking for an accessible cricket app

iOS & iPadOS
Hi everyone, I am wondering if there is an app to watch live cricket matches? I have found some apps to get realtime notifications but not live audio from the games. Just wondering if anyone may have come across anything. Thanks, Mike



Submitted by Rob on Tuesday, September 25, 2012

hi mike, not sure where you are which might be a factor when trying to listen to matches, but though i don't know of a specific app to give you live cricket audio, most if not all of the stations that carry games are available on tunein radio witch is either free or 69 pence if you want the version that records. it's certainly got 5live sports extra for all england games and in the next couple've weeks all the other big matches from the ICC world 20 20, radio sport for new zealand and radio sport extra if that service covers their dommestic season when it starts up again, radio 2000 for southafrica, ABC grand stand digital for australia and dommestic 1day and big bash league games, 91.3 sport fm for selected games from the western warriors [that station also has it's own app], and if the bbc county commentaries continue next summer they're on bbc live events 1 to 18. for the west indies, i think the line and length network have a u stream channel which you can get in the u streamapp, which is reasonably accessible, as i say, there maybe some geographic restrictions depending on where you are. hope that helps mate, rob.

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