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Hi. I locked myself out of an iPod 5 and an iPhone 3GS by entering too meny wrong passcodes. Then it said device is disabled connect to iTunes. So I did that 1 device at a time and iTunes then told me to unlock to continue. I could not do that because the device did not even notice that I had connected to iTunes so it said it was disabled. So then I put it in dfu or recovery mode or whatever and then it let me start a restore, but would not finish. I tried a bunch of times, but the restore would never finish and both devices both ended up back at the lock screen saying device is disabled, connect to iTunes. What now?



Submitted by ground024 on Thursday, July 23, 2015

If you forget the lock code for an IOS device it will not prevent you from restoring that device. If the device in question is iCloud locked you will be required to enter the iCloud username and password the device was originally locked to when find my iPhone/iPod was enabled. The fact that you are having problems restoring is not related to the passcode.

Since the device was not recognized by iTunes when you tried to unlock the devices and the restore in itunes also failed It suggests a connectivity or iTunes problem.

What I would suggest:

Try another USB port. If you are using a USB hub remove it and connect the device directly to the computer. The ports on the back of a PC are often more reliable than those on the front.
Try another lightning or 30 pin cable.
If using windows remove and re-install the latest version of iTunes.

Sorry for my late reply. I just got registered on Applevis so you may have solved this problem by the time you read this.

Submitted by Kevan on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I would try what the previous comment suggested. Try a new cable, USB port, or if all else fails you may have to take it into an Apple store.

There is a setting which may help you in the future to prevent this from happening. When you have access, under Touch ID and Passcode in the settings app, turn on "Erase Data" at the bottom. This will automatically reset your phone to factory defaults, right after 10 failed passcode attempts. You may then restore from a backup, as you usually would.
It's possible you already have this on and don't know it, so maybe entering the passcodes in a few more times may help you. If it won't even let you enter them however, you may have this feature off. :(
It saved me once when I forgot my passcode.