Location services on the iPod

iOS & iPadOS
My husband is both sighted and a map fiend. So whenever I am somewhere different, I use a little free app called "Here's My location" to report the data from Location services to him. It can email either someone from your address book or email a single "favorite" with a single button. (It can text that information too if you use an iPhone.) This app is quite simple, because you open it and double-tap one button to send your location to your favorite recipient. I ride paratransit, and we often stop to pick someone up. Even if I'm connected via wi-fi for only half a minute, I can email my husband my location. What he gets is the lattitude and longitude and a link to a google map showing him the information. We've discovered that even though I have only an iPod, the information is amazingly accurate. Even when I've been at a chain restaurant whose SSID is always the same for all diners in the chain, it knows my location. On the google map for my house, it is off by two neighbors, but that's not surprising since it can only use wi-fi and what must be an amazing google database to obtain this info.



Submitted by DPinWI on Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I live out in the country, and have always kept location services turned off. Basically, I've assumed it's not going to do me any good. It sounds like it might be worth playing with it a bit.