a little VO-issue on the Netflix-app

iOS & iPadOS

Hi guys,

i used the Netflix-app at first a year and a half ago. At that time I noticed many many issues for VO-users. Some labels wasn't labled and the overview was horrible. So a month ago I want to give Netflix a new chance and notice that theire fixe so many issues. The ratingsystem gets accessible and all labels are labeled.
But it exist one issue which takes me the fun to watch a Netflix show. If I scroll for example to the episode list the Vo-cursor swipes automatically back if I swipe a finger to right to scroll trough the episodes. For example I want watch episode 5 of "The big bang theory" the cursor swipes automatically to episode one. Have someone notice this little issue? And if yes, have someone an idea how I can explain that to Netflix? I don't think that the normal worker on the Netflix support knows Voiceover.

Best regards