Little Girl Magic

iOS and iPadOS
Hi, Anyone know how I go about feeding the girl I adopted in little girl magic? Double tapping on food seems to do nothing. Am I missing something?



Submitted by Yiskalyn on Friday, June 15, 2012

Hi. If you play baby adopter it is the same way. But if not. Basicly you do a three finger swipe up or down depending on what direction you want the screen to go then double tap the food you want to feed her. I am not sure why this is like this on these games. But it is. I wouldn't say it is an inaccessibility issue. But it can confuse people at points. Hope this helps. Jessica

Submitted by MissThea on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Little Girl Magic is the loveliest sounding name for a game I can think of.
But I don't know that it's my cup of tea.
I don't see a help file. I couldn't hear the names of the other two choices. I can't decorate her bedroom, and apparently one can't interact with her when playing with toys or anything.
Each act of care must have a wait of five minutes, and the smallest things cost so many points.

I think I'll stick with My Baby Sim. I won't delete Little Girl Magic just yet, but it sounds, at first blush, more complicated than magical. And since she is seven, I really thought I could have simple conversations with her, using some kind of artificial intelligence or something.
It's still on my iPhone for now, but I think My Baby Sim is more for me.

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