Let's talk about Reddit

iOS and iPadOS

Hey all.
I'm writing to ask if anyone on here knows of a good app for using Reddit.
I am using an app called IReddit. Alas, the app hasn't been updated in over a year and doesn't even show up in the app store anymore.
I can still use it, as it's in my purchased apps list, but it is having some serious trouble with ios8.
I really enjoy reddit, and would really like to find a good accessible app for it.
For anyone who may not know, reddit is a social network with a large community of people who post in various forums.
Most of the other totally blind people I know don't use it. I suspect this is probably because of the amount of gifs and other picture content on the site.
Though there are definitely a lot of picture based memes on the site, it is still one of my favorite sites on the net.
I would suggest anyone who's never used it to give it a look and see what you think.
Maybe we can find a decent ios client, too.