labeling the buttons at the bottom of the fleksy keyboardm

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Hi I am worndering how to find out the functions of the buttons at the bottom of the flecksy keyboard?
All of the buttons at the bottom are unlabeled.



Submitted by peter on Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Here are some of the problems I am seeing on my 4S running iOS 8.1 with VoiceOver:

1. At noted by others, none of the buttons are labeled. The worst part about this is that it makes it nearly impossible to switch back to the standard Apple keyboard without sighted assistance.

2. Using Direct touch typing (which I assume one is supposed to do), each time I touch the screen a character is echoed. Although Fleksy does choose the correct word after I enter the space, having each of the letters (usually incorrect since you don't have to hit the exact letter position) is confusing and annoying.

3. As others have pointed out, I cannot get the swipe up/down gesture to work in order to select a different word from the list of suggestions.

4. In previous versions of Fleksy, one could type the exact letters one desired by holding your finger on the keyboard and slowly moving across the keys while holding your finger down as letters were echoed until you found the one you were looking for, at which point you could raise your finger and that exact letter was entered. In this version, however, when I hold my finger down nothing is echoed. I have to lift my finger in order to hear a letter (which defeats the purpose).

5. Opening the Fleksy app itself, I only saw a keyboard with an edit field ready to enter text. I couldn't get out of this screen to find any tabs for Settings, Help, etc.

6. I didn't find any documentation within the app itself or on the Fleksy web site on how to best use Fleksy with VoiceOver or any suggestions for doing so.

Anyway, I sent these comments off to the developer and hopefully they will be responsive in rectifying these issues as time permits so that Fleksy can become the nice typing experience for VoiceOver users that it used to be.


Submitted by Edward Alonzo on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I to miss the fleksy experience. it was such a nice keyboard to use, and how its pretty much unusable. even with the new update. I don't know why those buttons must be there at all anyways. where never had to before but I do guess there has to be a way to switch back to IOS keyboard but perhaps a swipe gesture could invoke that feature.
I just hope it gets back to the way it used to be.

Submitted by Neo on Thursday, October 23, 2014

In reply to by Edward Alonzo

If you want to switch back to the standard Ios keyboardd without using sighted assistance, you can do so by going into the Keyboard Settings which are found in the standard Iphone settings menu where Siri, Bluetooth are etc. Delete the fleksy keyboard from the list of active keyboards and it will switch back to using the standard IOS keyboard.