King James Bible App?

iOS & iPadOS
Anyone know if there is a King James Bible that is easy to navigate on the iPhone? Thanks,



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Monday, March 4, 2013

Their is a app called bible that offers king james versions of the bible provided by

Submitted by xenacat3 on Sunday, March 10, 2013

I really like FastBible for its simplicity

Submitted by dexterp on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hi, I noticed your question about Bible apps with the KJV.. There are 2 that I like very well. I also use the KJV as my primary Bible because of the fact that it is based upon better manuscripts than most modern versions. But, I like to do more than just read the scripture. Therefore I use the 2 below because they allow me to use commentaries, lexicons and dictionaries as well. The first is Pocket Sword. The current version is fully accessible. PocketSword is a universal app that works equally well on either the iPhone or the iPad. And, it is free. Also, it allows you to download and install many versions of the Bible and many commentaries and lexicons and dictionaries. Almost everything you can download is free. Also, the dictionary search is very powerful, and allows searching for letter patterns even in the middle and end of a word. Also, there are 2 versions of eSword. One if for the iPad. It is eSword HD. It costs $4.99. The version for the iPhone is eSword LT. It costs $1.99. The iPhone version does not have the editor, and it does not have the side by side version layout. It also allows the download of many versions, including the ESV and the ISV, both of which are new versions that are very good for doing comparisons, and are free. And, I have many downloaded commentaries, lexicons, and dictionaries. eSword also allows the downloading of many additional books Everything on both of those apps are available without needing an internet connection once you have downloaded them. That is important to me. I have both on my iPad, and on my iPhone. On the iPad I use eSword more. On the iPhone, I use PocketSword more.