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Hello Everyone, Today I tried out a new church and they had a women's Bible Study Group. I do have questions about youversion reading plans on the bible app, but I'll get to that in another topic. One of the things the women are doing this month is purchasing a book to read as a devotional. They said the book was on amazon, and it was also on IBooks. I searched for it on IBooks and found it with ease, so I lean more towards the IBooks app, partly because I have been using it for months now. I just wanted to gather some oppinions. Since we will be going chapter by chapter, I wanted to see what the best app for reading these books would be. Both apps have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, IBooks lets you purchase the books directly through their app, where as with Kindle, you need to go to a website. If anyone wouldn't mind posting the mobil link here that would be great. With amazon, however, I found the book to be slightly cheaper. I've downloaded the Kindle app and have it registered to my device, but I'm curious to know which is the best for navigating through books, accessing the table of contents, and ease of use finding chapters or phraises in the book. I've not played with the kindle app, so because I've used IBooks, I'm leaning towards sticking to old habbits, but I wanted to gather some thoughts before I make my decision. Should I pay for the cheaper version, not exactly knowing how it will work out, or should I just go for the IBooks and let this old dog stick to her old tricks? Lol. One more question before I go. Is voice dream able to read any of the books in IBooks, or do you have to add them using ITunes on your computer? I'm asking because I have to read this book with a friend, and I find Accapella Heather is a little bit more pleasant to read with than Scansoft Samantha, in my opinion. If I go for IBooks, how would I import it into voice dream? Tell me your thoughts on this. All comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks again.



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Thursday, January 16, 2014

I can't answer all of your questions as I normally just read a book all the way through on my kindle app. but I think if you double tap on the TOC on the item you want you should be ok. You cannot transfer a book using ibooks to voice dream as I believe apple's ibooks are DRM and I don't think voice dream does DRM stuff. take care and hope that somewhat helps.

Submitted by steven carey on Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hello, Yes, the previous comments concerning Voice Dream Reader are correct. I find that both the Kindle app and iBooks are useful for reading DRM books but as you say they have their advantages and disadvantages. I use the Kindle app for reading academic books that I cannot get in another format for my PhD studies because I find more academic books are available on Kindle but prefer iBooks for leisure reading on the whole. It is a shame that Amazon, Apple and other sellers of books will not allow us to read their books on the app of our choice because I find Voice Dream Reader the best of all for navigation, the variety of voices available and general ease of use but as the other poster says, you cannot use it for DRM books. One other way to use Voice Dream Reader for what you want and something I use it for is to obtain a text version of the book from the publisher and then use dropbox to transfer it into Voice Dream Reader. I am in the UK and we have a law that enables us blind folk to obtain digital versions of books if we have access to a print version in our university library or if we buy it. Therefore, I often obtain digital texts from publishers (you have to complete a form and sign it and then they send the book by email) and then read them in Voice Dream Reader. I don't know if you have similar laws in the States but it is worth a try if you favour Voice Dream Reader for its voice and other advantages. Steve.

Submitted by Kimberly on Thursday, January 16, 2014

I use the Kindle app more because I can get more free books that way. My suggestion is that you download a free book from Amazon and try it out. You can navigate by chapter if the book is set up for it. You'll just double tap to bring up a menu, then double tap on table of contents, then double tap on the chapter you want to jump to. But like I said, I'd try it with a free book to get comfortable. Best of luck.

If you have a Bookshare account, you could see if the book you wanted was on Bookshare and then download it straight to Voice Dream.

Submitted by snowyowl on Monday, April 24, 2017


I find when listening to a kindle book using the app that the book with voice over tends to break up words.
I had a situation where it went for possible and read it as possi ble is there any settings I can alter in the app so it reads more easily?

Also which are the best Ios voices out there for listening to kindle books via the kindle?


From Snowy.

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