Keeping the right address in Uber's "Pickup location" field

iOS & iPadOS

Hi everyone. I've noticed recently that Uber's being strange about my address. I used to put in Home, and it would always have it set to pick me up at home. This is an apartment complex, I do know that you can't physically move the map pin. Here's my question though. Lyft, once I set my location doesn't change. With Uber though, it moves me to I think another builting that isn't very close to me. Now i can just fix this each time. Is there a way to keep the address set to Home? Now if this has app has done this behavior and I never saw it before, that's on me. If anyone can help, i'd like to keep my location set to Home, unless i change it. Instead of 44205 not 3382 which is the correct address.