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good morning everyone, it is 4 20 A.M. here so forgive me, I forgot to look first if the same question has been ask... I bought a bran new gold ipod touch, the very latest and right on the front where it say face time and so on, I have never seen this before, there is something call and sorry for my poor English spelling, call health. I am so puzzle by it and I explain, First I did not know it was there but right now I have turn my y fy off and when I have notice this apps, is that how you call it? so when I have realize this I did my tap tap on it and it told me I did so many step every day mention, I go, well I don't get it. so, I go on my stationary bike in a small room I do my exercise and with the touch in my front pocket, you know on the left side of my shirt, so I checked before I started and it said for that day 139 steps, maybe I have my number wrong but it is not important what is the deal is after only ten minutes of bike, where before it said 100 some steps, and now it said over one thousand steps. and it told me it has been last updated at 2 45 p.m. and I checked the time and it was the right time. but I don't get it, how does it know this if the y fy is not on at all, because I did say, my choice forget this divise right? so when I went to bed I thought today, I will work to get some info about it and this is my first stop and the funny thing is just 2 weeks ago I phone the apple store, and I was asking her this question. I am blind, I am in the country, no sidewalk and so on. and with my nannos, meaning more than one, the fitness thing work if I walk with a friend but on my bike it does not work do you have a suggestion for me? this is funny, she suggested apple watch, I go how much is this, I got to tell you that since five years my memory is going down big time so I forgot the price or prices she gave me but it was a lot of money, does anyone knows about this health on the latest ipod touch that has siri and the latest 9. 2 or 3, I forgot , sorry. I don't mean to go techno on me ... smile... but can you tell me anything about it in short and with words that I would dig? big smile thank you so much and right after I will go look if someone has ask the same thing, forgive me for this. and to apple, lately life has been good to me I got I think the latest of mini ipad 2 retna because my haf love to watch movies from the itune store in bed while me I listen to it through bluetouth speakers, very nice and now this and the cherry is a small gift I got, a Bluetooth that I have no idea how it works and I saw what a luck that someone name Scott has a part 1 to 4 about this, I say if God exist he is on my side these days. thank you so much apple you made my life so much better.



Submitted by DPinWI on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Your iPod has little sensors in it that track the device movement. It can be used to decide if you want the screen in portrait or landscape mode. But, it also can tell how many steps you take if the device is in your pocket. It gets jiggled around, and figures out how many steps you walked. It works on your stationary bike because it feels your legs moving.

It does not use WiFi or bluetooth.

It can also tell how many flights of stairs you climbed.

The watch can also track steps, but also track your heart beat.