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Dear all,

Does anyone know an interactive and accessible Japanese learning app? I have tried Codegent and Innovative Language 101, but found them not very interactive. I prefer Duolingo, but the app has not provided Japanese courses. Love to receive your advice.




Submitted by Ulises on Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Mirai Japanese is a really awesome app for iOS and it is pretty accessible. It has a transcript that is being read by a real human male English voice and real human Japanese voices.

The first 20 lessons are free and then you can subscribe for $10 a month to get the rest. You can also get a 50% education discount on any of their subscription models. Mirai Japanese is very good for learning quick bitesized lessons read to you by very clear voices. There is a play and pause button on the top right and you can easily scroll through the transcript and tap on a speech bubble to have it start reading. You also have control over the speed. The app also includes a quiz for each lesson, large examples for hiragana and katakana, and you can save vocabulary from the lesson into your vocabulary book for reference later. The lessons are grouped into chapters, and after you complete all the lessons for one chapter you can take the chapter quiz at the end. The chapter quiz at the end, unfortunately, might present some difficulties as it is very fast paced. It works well with Zoom. The fast paces style of the chapter quizzes do keep you on your toes though.

The app link is here: Mirai Japanese by Mirai LLP

Another app is called Learning Japanese, by Ronald Timoshenko, which uses the online textbook available on the web at http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/ This app is a lot more detailed and in depth. It works well with VoiceOver, though it doesn't handle tables as well as I would like it to.

The app link is here: Learning Japanese by Ronald Timoshenko

I hope this helps! Good luck with your Japanese learning!

Submitted by C-FES Japan on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hi, Thu Huong Dao,
I've just seen your post and good to hear your motivations for learning Japanese.
If you have Japanese Braille File (BES format), our recent release of iOS app called BES Reader
might help you learning Japanese. This to voice read and display word of BES files.

In addition to it, we most recently released English Braille files version called VBR Reader.
Almost same function as BES Reader but compliant with BRF and BRL files.
You might want see its features of app by this page instead of BES Reader pages.

Good luck and enjoy learning Japanese!