iTunes match deletes playlists from iPad mini?

iOS & iPadOS
Hello, I have a very serious problem: iTunes match seems to negatively change my mother's iPad mini's music organization. I try to explain. She likes to create her own playlists, directly from the iPad; she does not have her own computer and does not use iTunes, sharing music, backing up and ordinary maintenance is my task. I do it from my mac. We have 2 different libraries, as my music tastes are opposite from my mother's. To avoid apple's restriction, 90 days of delay when you switch 2 apple IDs, I installed a virtual machine, windows7, and use my mother's library from windows and mine is on the mac. well, when I add music to my mother's library, she gets it on her iPad mini. but playlist she created before, disappear from the tablet. Should iTunes match save playlist on the cloud too? I am thinking I am doing something wrong, such as not transferring data from iPad to computer, and not synchronizing But the strange thing is that, I do not synchronize or transfer data often I just add files to the "add automatically" folder open iTunes, and then, find the songs directly on the match. I do not use playlists so often so I do not know how they behave ... the small playlist i created for testing with my library, is inserted in my iPad and iPhone too! i do not know why my mother's library behaves differently thanks for help!



Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Wednesday, April 3, 2013

no. I do not use those i wish that my mother creates her own playlist on the iPad and then it is synchronized in iCloud or maybe transferred on iTunes she does not use the computer as it's mine, and she does not want to learn iTunes and such stuff right now she creates a playlist and every time i add something to the match from my room, her playlists disappear maybe it's because wifi synchronization is disabled so iTunes cannot notice something in the iPad changed?