is it possible to duplicate the record siri shortcut to make it stop?

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Hello all!

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I've got a bit of a question for you. It's about the voice memos app and siri shortcuts.

I'm going to be starting the Every day reading in UEB. course from Hadley, which I'm very excited about! But, for all 15 assignments, for the 2nd part, you need to record yourself reading. I'm looking for an fast and productive way to do this. What my plan is as of right now, is I was going to use Voice Memos to do the recordings. Here's where my question comes in.

I have a siri shortcut to record a memo. My question is, is it possible to duplicate the shortcut to have it stop recording instead of starting to record? If so, how would I go about achieving this?
Because what I planned on doing, is adding both of these to my Hadley folder, that way I only have to go into the app, and rename, and save recordings some where so they can be attached to emails, to be sent to my instructor.

If what I want to do is not possible with this app, or if only part of what I want to do is possible, could you please recommend either a different app that will allow me to have these shortcuts, and where I can save recordings to the Files app or some other could storage where they can be attached to emails for my instructor? Or if you have a better, more productive and efficient way of going about this, I'd appreciate hearing that as well!
I'll be doing this from an ipad 7, with ipad-OS. 14 on it.

Thank you all in advance for your help! :-)



Submitted by gregg on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

once the recording is started, when you're ready to stop it, double tap with two fingers. I just tried this with the native recording app, and it worked.

Thank you! I have to try that! And you can do that with the record a memo shortcut on the home screen? You can activate that shortcut, and then when you’re done, just double tap with two fingers to stop the recording? Without even having to be in the app? Because if that’s the case, then you just made my life a whole lot easier! :-)

Submitted by gregg on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The magic tap, two finger double tap, starts and stops the last ongoing transaction. If anything interferes with that, and that what you're doing rick is recording, it's something else came up, it won't work. For example, if you get a phone call, then the phone call is the last thing not the recording.

Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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Wow! Thank you! I knew it stopped and started audio types of things, like music, and audiobooks. But I didn’t think it would go beyond that! I will definitely have to take it for a test drive tomorrow! Thank you again so much! You just made my life so much easier! :-)

Submitted by Tim Noonan on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Depending on the length of your recording, the phone may lock. If that happens, your results may vary. For me, it seems that the magic tap paused the recording.

All this is to say that - in my experience - there is no completely reliable way to just finish the recording.