Is it me, or is dictation getting worse in each new version of iOS

iOS & iPadOS

I’ve noticed a number of problems with dictation recently, for example, it seems to skip words like a and in, and usually replaces the with that.
It also doesn’t seem to remember words are use regularly.
This might be because of my accent, but I’m pretty sure it was better in previous versions of iOS and unfortunately, it doesn’t look set to get better any time soon.



Submitted by Serena on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

hiya, nope, i'm not seeing any regression in dictation or siri for me. haven't done for ages. if anything it's gotten better over the years. perhaps it's the way i speak so clearly usually, and it has troubles with others who don't speak quite so clearly and slur more words together. not sure.

Submitted by DPinWI on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I find, overall, dictation and Siri get better over time. However, I notice significant differences depending on what I am using. I have a fairly cheap blue tooth headphone adapter that sounds okay for listening to audio, but is a pain to dictate or use Siri through. I practically have to yell and speak very slowly to have any chance at accuracy for more than a simple command. My Plantronics Voyager works fairly well with dictation and Siri when I am at work. For the best results, I talk directly to my device. This isn't always practical, but it sure gives me the best results.